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Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011 Avening and Glencairn Cleanups.... NOT!

I haven't been to Avening or Glencairn parks much this year and hadn't done any cleaning so I decided last week to check out he status of the 2 parks. Below is the results, what a contrast.

This park is always a dream to clean. It is maintained by the community and they have people that care. I haven't  cleaned this park since last year and was impressed with how little garbage there was. After going through the entire maintained area I only ended up with a very small amount of garbage. It was hard to even find a cigarette butt ;) This community should be proud of their park, it is very nice.
This as all the garbage I found in the entire park. Next to nothing ;)

This is Avening park. One of the cleanest parks around.

And now for the other side...
This park is not maintained at all or at least not regularly. Like Avening I haven't cleaned this park since last year(cleaned both parks on same day). What a mess. If you read previous years entries on this park you will remember I already removed over 10 tires from the woods and water. Guess what.... there are now 6 more tires in the water and garbage throughout the park. I was so frustrated I just took pictures and left. I spent so much time to keep that park clean and it was destroyed by only a few people. Here are some pictures of the crap that is everywhere... Keep in mind this just shows the big stuff, there are a lot of cigarette butts and beer bottle tops as well...
Might be able to excuse this junk. It was at least in the fire pit.
 Tire #1
 Tire #3 & 4
 Actually quite a solid table. would be great for putting heavy plants on in a greenhouse.
 Part of a tent just thrown in the woods.
 Very large plastic tarp stuffed away.
 Somebody decided to create their own firepit.
 This is what virtually the whole property looks like now... garbage everywhere ;(
 Lots of hidden garbage around every corner.
 Even the small beach is a mess.
 If I had a truck I would have taken this table. Looks in great shape.
 Some kid is looking for their chair right now ;(
 Just more crap in the woods.