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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Electric Cars...Are we really ready?

Although I think electric cars are the future I have some major concerns.
  1. What happens to dead batteries??? Right now we don't manage this well. What are we going to do with these monster car battery packs? What about the spent lithium? Is there any environmental issues?
  2. How much supply of lithium is there? Can it support the current/future demand? To go all electric will require a lot of lithium.
  3. We are experiencing electric brown-outs now due to high usage. What happens when we all want to charge our cars? Surely the current infrastructure can't handle the load. A more distributed design MUST be in place to support electric cars.
  4. What about the fine metal dust from the generators? The friction wears the pads which creates dust that floats in the air or cakes to machinery.
  5. Does the electric noise or battery discharge affect animals/humans?
  6. Is there any affect having all that electricity surrounding us? 
You would think with all these concerns I would be saying slow down... but I am NOT! Athough there are issues with electric it is still far superior to the fossil fuel choices. I want to make sure we don't just switch to a different pile of crap. We need to do this for our descendants and it has to come quickly to ensure we actually have descendants.

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