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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Only In America... Corporate "citizens"

This was written in 2010. Only in the USA would they entertain the thought that a corporation has the same rights as a person. The just announced court decisions to allow business to put any amount of money into a candidates campaign deflates everyones vote. Now a corporation can invest so much money in a candidate they can virtually guarantee their election. If there isn't a way to win ethically business can just hire someone to do the unethical part and claim no knowledge.
This is almost guaranteed to create major problems in the future. What is next... corporations will have the right to vote? I could see a business registering enough sub-businesses to guarantee the win. Let's cut to the end let them forcibly be proxy for all their workers. That way your vote will actually count for something(what the company wants).
Now you just get suckered into the best marketing campaign. I thought Obama would show the way and maybe they would ban business from providing money to government candidates. Unfortunately this is a court issue not a government one.
There is a fundamental conflict between society and business. Business prioritizes whatever is best to make money(return for investors). Society thinks of what is best for the people.
I personally think something needs to be written into the constitution that peoples benefit out ways corporate and that corporations are not allowed to sponsor any candidate/party. Now what do you think the chances of that are??? 1 google to 1???

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