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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Net Security

Updated on 2002-08-28
OK, this is really getting out of hand. Things have gotten so bad I physically disconnect my cable internet  connection when not in use. Even though I am only connected 2-3 hours per day lately my firewall shows I am getting port scanned at least 5-10 times a day. Plus the hundreds of other attack attempts per day. I use dynamic IP but it makes no difference… there is no place to hide when scanners are being used.
Everyone seems to have lost focus on this issue. The problem isn’t  the “software”. The problem is someone abusing the software. Blaming the software is like blaming Ford because someone intentionally crashed their car into a wall. It is not possible for a manufacturer to stop potential abuse of a product.
Unfortunately in the virtual world a reasonable hacker can make it impossible to trace them so there is no punishment. One solution seems to be removal of “anonymous” surfing. This is not something I want to see happen!  I also see it creating a whole new set of problems.
We need a central security net to stop the most predominate attack methods. These include things like port scans, IP scans, spoofing, denial of service  to name a few. We have to tighten security then punish those that would attack us, not those that enable us to do wonderful things. 
Published on 1998-03-03
There are a lot of security issues being brought forward lately regarding both Netscape and Microsoft browsers. This should not be surprising. Both have enabled you to have a dramatically improved browsing experience. A major disadvantage of enabling features is that there is always going to be someone figuring ways to abuse the features. This does not mean we should all pack up and leave the net. It does however mean that we should keep ourselves informed about potential risks and possible protection. I am surprised by the number of people that have very little understanding of security on the net. There is no place that is 100% secure. Not the net or even your house. If someone wants to get to you badly enough they can find a way.
There are several things you can do to make your browsing safer. I have two Dhtml demos that show you what can be detected by the server and browser. Everyone should check the server detected page at least once. You probably are not affected but you should make sure.

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