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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to my Blog

Hi, welcome to Walter Moore’s blog.
I am a Canadian born male residing in the Barrie, Ontario area during the summer and Florida during the winter. I am divorced with 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Surprisingly, having grandchildren has been great. I get to spoil them then send them back to their parents ;) .  Unfortunately I don’t get to see them as much as possible as they are around 270km away but  I try as often as possible.
I am a computer consultant by profession and have a passion for all things techie. My website(http://wmoore.ca) used to be a conceptual design to showcase various ways to achieve high-speed processing with limited bandwidth and save screen real-estate.(my specialties). It also shows all types of things you could do with just the browser using JavaScript. It hasn’t been kept up much since 2004 but showed true client/server processing on a web site since 1999(Something that is being touted by Ajax(finally) in the new version 4.0(still in beta)).
On the side I live on my 1986 GoldWing or any other motorcycle I can get my hands on ;) . I also like to Rollerblade, bicycle, and dance(r&b, modern top 40). In the fall of 2008 I decided to cleanup a small local park that I like to visit. Read the blog I posted

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