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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Society Values

Published on 1999-07-08

This is one of those things that make me go hmmmmmmmm…..
Why do the people that matter the least get paid the most? Why do people that matter the most get paid the least?
A baseball player gets $8million per year. That is more than the budget of many schools. Sure the person is a great baseball player. So what?  The teachers and facilities are far more valuable to us as a society.
Does anyone actually think Bill Gates is worth $90 billion?
Why is it that the people that deal with the customer are almost always the lowest paid? This is the bread and butter of the business. If the customer doesn’t like the service they don’t come back.
There are four professions that I think deserve a lot more recognition from society.
  1. Police – Without them teachers would not be able to teach. I wonder about these people. Sometimes I think they are crazy. These people routinely go into situations that the rest of us run away from. I would not walk into a hostile domestic dispute, or ongoing bank robbery, would you? Even worse we question every decision they make and they better have made the right one. When a criminal threatens a cop in uniform with a deadly weapon we put the cop on trial for shooting the criminal. We have to support those that protect us. They are not the enemy. Sorry, but if I were a cop I would shoot first and ask questions later(probably why I am not a cop).
  2. Teachers – Close second. I do not limit this to “school teachers”. They are catalysts for change. What they teach our children is critical. Truly gifted teachers provide immeasurable value. The one problem I have with teachers is that they protect other teachers instead of the students. There are numerous teachers that should not be teaching. Other teachers know this but do nothing. To be a teacher requires a passion to affect minds. If you have that you will always figure a way to do it.
  3. Nurses – Actually all medical staff except doctors(they make enough). I don’t know one nurse that is in it for the money. They could do much more of a doctors job if someone would let them. For that matter I personally would trust the nurse. They are the “care” in medical care.
  4. Firefighters – Your sure glad they are around when needed. They risk their life for others. Truly an honorable profession.
There is one group of people that I have the most respect for……Tibet Munks(or similar). Anyone that gives up all possessions and seeks only to better the world deserves respect above all others.
I think we should boycott all movies and professional sporting events. None of these people deserve the amount of recognition they have recieved. Of course with all the new sports entering the market I suspect that there will be payback by fans for numerous years of price gouging by players and management. As for entertainment? The internet is changing all that as we speak.

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