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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CSS3 will really make things better

It has been a long time since much has made me hype technology but CSS3 is one of them. This version of CSS really implements some time saving options. If you haven't noticed this site is utilizing CSS3 in several ways...

  1. Using box shadow to create the cool shadow around each section.
  2. Using text shadow to create the nifty fire shadow underlining text.
  3. Rounding corners without graphics and a lot of code or complex tables.
On my website at http://wmoore.ca/  I also implemented the above options plus...
  1. Using Rotate to rotate both the text and pictures 45 degrees left or right.
  2. Using Opacity to dim pictures until mouseover, then brighten image.
  3. Using Transforms, positioning and rotate to put text sideways.
  4. Of course the old demo site built for IE4 has extensive use of CSS1&2 including dynamic themes. All built around 1999-2001(more than 10 years ago).  Still works if you have IE or Opera.
There are even more that I have not implemented... Here are a few...
  1. Multiple backgrounds
  2. Gradients
  3. 2D & 3D transforms
  4. Template layouts... What tables should have been. While difficult for those that learned tables already(like myself) to comprehend value these are much simpler and powerful than current tables.
  5. Even Speech which really came out in CSS2 is covered.
Maybe this time people will pay more attention to CSS's value. It was really underrated when IE3 Beta was released(when I first saw it). And few adopted CSS for several years... I of course was telling everyone of the great value they are missing. Unfortunately this was not a battle that was winnable at the time. Business still wanted to support every browser EXACTLY the same so we were all limited to the very basics. Even when repeatedly, new browsers/versions would appear requiring in some cases almost entire rewrites of some systems. Business would not compromise on a "works for everyone but best in XX browser" model which was needed. Once we got past that unfortunate situation CSS took off.  Business started realizing the potential of CSS to support everyone in at least a basic form. Now CSS is the standard and soon you will not be allowed to code design descriptors(like height,width,color...) in HTML tags. Most design tools are switching to this model in front of the curve.
If you see my web site in Chrome then look at it in IE you will be able to see what CSS3 is doing for me... IE8- does not support CSS3(IE9 will) but did have some options(like opacity) implemented BEFORE the standards came out. I am sure that IE9 will be a dramatic improvement in supporting CSS3 standards but it will take sometime for IE9 to be adopted by everyone. The site does not look very good in IE... much better in Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
Adopt CSS3 now!!! That way we can all reduce the bandwidth glut and provide the customer with a better experience. 

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