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Monday, February 22, 2010

Do NOT save passwords if using Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome as your personal browser(which I have recommended and am questioning now) DO NOT ALLOW GOOGLE CHROME TO SAVE ANY PASSWORDS!!! Why you ask? Simple. In their infinite wisdom Google decided that anyone that has access to the device can look up ALL the passwords you have saved in it.
This is CRAZY!!!!! Wasn't anyone thinking of security....AGAIN! I found this by fluke but if you  choose "Options" from menu, then choose the "Personal Stuff" tab, there is a button called "Show saved passwords" that like it says shows a list of the sites, the userid AND password you entered. Talk about giving away the farm. Why would you ever allow ANYONE to see the password!!! Defeats the whole idea of security.
Now you know why I m quickly taking back my recommendation of Google Chrome. These bimbo's don't seem to understand the first thing about security. Anyone I know with a couple of years experience could see all types of problems allowing this... And they want to replace Microsoft??? Things are not looking good folks ;(


  1. I am sorry, but you are the one not understanding security. Security through obscurity does not work, ones you logged in the passwords are perfectly fine readable so why shouldn't Google Chrome give an option to display them? Also, you can also find tons of 3rd-party apps that could do that for you.

  2. Perk, if you are argueing security there is none and there never has been. Security is a myth designed to make us FEEL safe and if you work in the business you know that. However what I was mentioning is that Chrome shows all your sites, ID's and passwords in clear text easily copyable format for anyone to read without special software or skills. The issue is similar to house security... If someone wants to get in they can but doesn't mean you leave the doors wide open with a sign telling everyone your gone for the weekend. That is just asking for trouble. Chrome is leaving the doors, windows and everything else wide open.