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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MagicJack is worth the money

I bought a MagicJack in 2009-09 and it has definitely been worth the value. In case you don't know what a MagicJack is here is a simple explanation. This little device allows you to use your computer with Internet to make phone calls anywhere in Canada/USA. Plus it gives all types of features like call display, conference calls, 3 way calling and more... OK, this is starting to sound like a sales pitch... Lets break it down...

  1. All phone calls within Canada/USA for $20 PER YEAR!!! That should be enough. It cost more per month for long distance and then there is the basic line charges and additions like call waiting and call answer. If you can get away with $50 per month that is cheap... $50x12=$600 per year!
  2. Call quality is usually as good as land lines but periodically works more like a cell phone(may  not be perfect).
  3. Simple to install. If you can connect a phone and use a computer you can do it.
  4. You can register the phone number in most cities within USA(I registered mine in St.Pete, Florida.
  5. Comes with lots of accessories for free. Things like call waiting, forwarding, display, answer, 3way, even your own hosted conference calls are free.
  6. You can send a MagicJack to someone in another country and they can use it like a local area phone... Example: I, a Canadian living in Ontario, registered my MagicJack phone number(727-827-8295) in St.Pete, Florida. Now, no matter where the MajicJack is physically located it acts as if it is in St.Pete. Anyone that calls my MagicJack is billed as if they called me in St.Pete(it may be in Canada physically). I could send my MagicJack to Japan and it still works like it is in St.Pete.
  7. Can send you an email when any voice message is left. Email will include the actual voice mail.   
  8. You can use a regular phone or computer headset.
  9. Disconnect your current service and you can plug MagicJack into any phone jack and all phones in your house will work.


  1. If you are looking for 100% quality on every call this unit is not for you. I would think of it more of a cell phone. Once in a while call quality is less than perfect. Try the call again.
  2. When I registered I could not register a Canadian phone number. Only USA cities are allowed.
  3. Once in a while there seems to be an echo. 
  4. While calling out seems to work well sometimes people calling in have problems.
  5. Requires high-speed Internet and could get costly if you pay for your downloads.
  6. A certain degree of nagging to buy other items when registering.
  7. 911 services are only available in USA.

If you already have high-speed Internet then this unit is definitely worth it. You will probably save the money it cost in the first month. Do not disconnect your current phone service until you have fully tested the MajicJack. Excellent as a second line(ensures you have 911 services(not an issue in USA)).

Installation Tips:
Just plug the phone into the unit then plug the unit into your computer. It will automatically configure for you but be careful when reading the prompts. There are constant little things trying to get you to buy additional services. This was one of my dislikes.

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